Amsterdam, 01/1935   –  Lisbon, 09 /2017

In 1960, she began her work with ceramics under the mentorship of Eila Schrameijer. A year later, she established her own workshop in Huizen (The Netherlands) and in 1962 moved to England to work with Geoffrey Whiting. At that point, she started elaborating her first stoneware pieces. After returning to The Netherlands, she gradually abandoned her medical analyst career to focus exclusively on ceramics. From 1965 till 1969, she teaches ceramics courses at the Polytechnic Institute of Eindhoven.

She then moves to Portugal where she exclusively makes stoneware pieces. There, she participated in several expositions in Estoril and had two individual exhibitions.

By 1973 she moves to Madrid where she builds her own gas kiln to be able to work with bigger pieces and at higher temperatures. During her residence in Spain she made several mural pieces, exhibited at the Bienal del Tajo, participated in the ‘Concurso Nacional de Cerámica de Manises’, as well as organised a number of individual exhibitions in Madrid. She returned to The Netherlands where created mural pieces with forms inspired by nature and exhibited them in the ‘Blauwe Bal’ gallery.

In 1986, she travels to India where she learns from Indian ceramists traditional techniques. There she exhibits in ‘Cymroza Art Gallery’ in Mumbai. She returns to Portugal in 1995 and begins to work also with porcelain. Since 1998 she has had exhibitions in the following: ‘Galerie d’Eglantier’ in Amsterdam; Mostra di Arti Applicate Contemporanee, Varese in Italia; ‘Escultura no Jardim’ Galeria Corvo, Colares; Galeria Trindade, Lisbon; Galeria de Colares; ‘Céu e Terra’ Flores do Cabo, Pé da Serra in Colares.

2018Henriette Moro · in memoriam, at Flores do Cabo, Colares, Portugal                            from 24 november 2018 until january 2019

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