Exhibition · in memoriam

· 24 0f nov 2018- until february 2019

at FLORES DO CABO – Pé da serra , Sintra, Portugal

In her hands
through water and fire
earth turns into beauty

Synco Meijburg



OPENING 24 nov 2018


“Living in the beautiful surroundings of Sintra is very inspiring and certainly has influenced my latest body of work,” which she says,
“has to blend with nature and be a part of it”.
Describing her bamboo cluster sculptures, which are built in sections and stack one on top of another, she explains that they are based on real plants, so as not to look out of place in the garden.
“It is fortunate that I am able to bring together my two passions in life,
gardening and ceramics. Both require hard work and some
determination to carry on when the going gets tough,
but I am mindful of Geoffrey Whiting’s words:
‘A potter is really not such a bad thing to be.’ ”
Review Network (2004)
by NicoIa Scott-TayIor


…Telling me about the big flat dishes, she says: “I have often found myself surrounded by rocks and influenced by appearances in nature.
This has always affected the shape of my work.”
Henriette displays her playful spirit by showing me a fountain made of
porcelain dishes. These raise a small tower of levels. There is an immaculate
watering arrangement. “I thought of these shapes when
I saw the semi-circular fishing nets in Cochin”, Henriette explains.

Henriette Moro has in her personality that philosophic depth and self-effacing charm which perhaps comes from working with clay from sustaining
a feel of the soil, of country, of the windmills of Holland,
the wines of Portugal and the heady music of Spain.
calalogue for Cymroza Art Gallery (Mumbai – 1992)
by Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni